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Shipping, Returns, & Repairs Policies


Domestic (U.S.)

Free USPS First Class Shipping is automatically included with every order over $25. For orders under $25, USPS First Class shipping is $5. I do not charge extra shipping for additional items. USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping is an additional $8 on your order.


Packages shipped internationally are packaged to be extra-damage resistant. Instead of a bubble mailer, I ship jewelry in bubble wrap inside a plastic box for extra protection. 

 I offer two international shipping options: USPS First Class International for a flat rate of $18, and USPS Priority International for a flat rate of $35. Please note that I am not able to provide item insurance with the First Class option, as the mail carrier does not offer it with First Class. I am able to provide item insurance with USPS priority. For items purchased with USPS first class international it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure their package is not stolen or left in the mailbox under extreme temperatures. As I cannot provide item insurance with this option, I will not be held responsible if the package is broken or stolen.

Handling Times

Most of the time, if I am home and receive an order, I will package it and get it in the mailbox that same night for USPS to pick up the following business day. However, please allow 1-3 days handling time in case I am not at home. USPS does not do pickups for me on the weekends, so any packages will be shipped Mon-Friday as soon as I can get them in my mailbox.

What's in the Package

Included with every order is a necklace chain (for pendants), a small polishing cloth, and a free rough crystal. I package my pieces in protective bubble wrap, put them in an organza bag, and ship in a bubble mailer. 

Returns & Refunds

I do not offer returns or refunds on purchases pieces, unless I receive photo proof via email ( the day upon receipt of the damage/missing. However, I take customer satisfaction VERY seriously and will do whatever I can to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

I purchase item insurance with each package for the same amount as the value of the item(s) (with qualifying shipping services). While it is a very rare occurrence (and has not yet happened to me), in the unfortunate event that USPS destroys your package I can hold them accountable and refund you your money as soon as possible.

It is VERY important that you take a photo of the item within 24 hours upon delivery as I need proof for USPS to file a damage claim and receive your refund amount. I am not able to issue refunds for damaged items without proof of damage, with a shipping option that does not offer insurance (this applies to USPS first class international) or past this 24 hour time frame.

Please do not leave your package in the mailbox for any longer than necessary for this reason, as well as extreme weather conditions (ie heat or cold) having the potential to cause some gemstones to crack or warp. Metal gets hot when exposed to heat after all!

Lifetime Repairs Included with Every Piece

All of my pieces come with a lifetime guarantee

for longevity repairs & touch ups, you just pay shipping! If there are stones/crystals missing or a lot of time needed to repair an item, I may charge for missing stones or labor. I will give your piece a polish, tighten up any wires that may have come loose during wear, etc.


My repair policy does not include carelessness or international shipments without insurance, however! If the buyer has caused significant damage to the piece, please note I am not responsible and may not be able to restore it to its previous glory if the damage is very bad. Contact me to see what I can do! The buyer is responsible for packaging their piece safely when returning to me for repairs. 

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