Suggested Reading & Listening List

Below you'll find a list of books I've read and enjoyed, as well as Podcasts, Youtube Channels, & Websites. Please note that none of these are to be taken as fact and are merely a compilation of sources I've found enjoyable or useful. Use your discretion when consuming any type of content. These lists will not be a full blown review of the content either - but I will be doing book and podcast reviews in this blog category as well! I hope you find this helpful. I will update this posts whenever I have something new to add.

Have a suggestion of your own you think is missing from my list? Feel free to let me know via email or comments on this blog post!



Tarot Correspondences - T. Susan Chang

Tarot Deciphered - T. Susan Chang & M.M. Meleen

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings - Brigit Esselmont


The Complete Guide to Astrology - Louise Edington


Numerology: The Romance in Your Name - Juno Jordan

Dreams/Astral Travel:

A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming - Tuccillo Zeizel Peisel

The Interpretation of Dreams - Sigmund Freud

Adventures Beyond the Body - William Buhlman


Daemonic Shamanism - William Briar

Daemonic Dreams - William Briar

Draconian Path:

Grimoire of Tiamat - Asenath Mason

Spirit/Deity Identification & Grimoires:

The Lesser Key of Solomon (Please note that I do NOT recommend Solomonic binding practices. This is a general guide that is useful for spirit info)

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum - Johann Weyer

The Encyclopedia of Spirits - Judika Illes

Chaos Magic:

Magickal Servitors - Damon Brand

Love/Sex Magic:

Celtic Sex Magic - Jon G. Hughes

The Witch's Book of Love - Mary Shannon

The Sex Witch - Sophie Saint Thomas

Spirit/Ancestor Work:

Honoring Your Ancestors - Mallorie Vaudoise


Tarot for the End of Times - Sarah Cargill

The Biddy Tarot Podcast - Brigit Esselmont

Dark Alignment - Brittney & Eruca Rose (This podcast dissects the history and birth charts of known serial killers, combining criminal psychology with astrology. Interesting Stuff!)

Women's Dating and Confidence Podcast - Amber Grubenmann

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