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Maintenance & Care Instructions

Taking care of your wire wrapped art is important if you want it to look as good as new forever! Here are some tips for keeping your pieces shiny and in good condition.


Run, exercise, or do intense labor with your pieces. Having your piece swing and bounce around can cause damage.

Swim or bathe with them. Water can cause oxidization faster to metals and damage some gemstones (particularly opals which expand and shrink when wet causing them to crack).

Expose to chlorine or any other chemicals

Leave unattended with small children or pets

Drop your piece on the ground - this is the most common cause of a once beautiful piece becoming a shattered pile of sadness.


Store your jewelry in a sealed, dry space away from extreme temperatures. Being exposed to air can speed up the oxidization process, and extreme temperatures can cause gemstones and crystals to potentially crack or shrink/warp.

Polish your pieces. Whenever they become dull, it's easy to restore that like-new shine by rubbing the wires gently with a polishing cloth. Make sure you use small, gentle motions, making sure not to scrape against any wires too harshly.

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