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These readings are not booked in advance! Catch me during a live stream and donate to my Cashapp or Venmo to get a live reading from me on the spot! Please make sure to put your TikTok username in your donation and let me know which reading you want in the TikTok chat. Whenever I am doing readings via live, I have a list which I go through in order of who has donated first. Please check with me to see that I have room on my list before donating. If you send money after my list is full you will be refunded. By using this website, contacting me in any way, and/or paying for services, you are in effect agreeing to my Terms of Service which can be found in full detail here: Terms of Service | The Lunar Witch 1111


Questions I Do NOT Answer with Tarot:

Yes or No questions

Fertility/pregnancy, legal, health, financial advice

"Spying" questions - questions that revolve around someone else and their feelings/behavior rather than YOU, the client, without their explicit consent

General Messages Mini Reading - $5

A quick snapshot of your current energy and any messages I receive. 3-5 card reading, approximately 5 minutes in length. 


General Messages - $15

A snapshot of your current energy. This reading leaves the important stuff up to spirit. I'll ask what you need to hear most in your present moment, and if there are any obstacles that pop up, I'll ask for clarity on how you can overcome them.

Looking for Love - $15

Have you been feeling stuck when it comes to your love life? Are you single and trying to figure out what is blocking you from finding an ideal partner? I'll ask for messages in regards to where your blockage in finding love lies and what you need to do in order to overcome that, so you can get on track to finding a partner in alignment with you.

Relationship Insight - $15

This reading is a snapshot of the current energy of your relationship, your energy in relation to your partner, your partner's energy in relation to you, and some insight on ways you can improve on the relationship.

New Relationship Potential - $15

Considering a new person as a partner? Perhaps you met someone recently and are curious where it could go? This reading takes a snapshot of the current energy of the connection, the potential of the connection, your energy in relationship to them, and their energy in relation to you.

Relationship Potential, Obstacles & Solutions - $20

Are you having trouble identifying obstacles and solutions in your relationship? Or perhaps you know the obstacle, but you're having difficulty finding the solutions? With this spread, I'll take a snapshot of the relationships current energy, as well as your energy in relation to your partner and your partner's energy in relation to you. Then I'll identify the potential of the relationship, an obstacle in the relationship, and pinpoint some solutions for you to improve the relationship.

Inner Child Healing Guidance - $15

Looking to undo some harmful mental/emotional patterns but don't know where to start? This reading aims to identify the pattern and provide you with a solution for getting un-stuck. In what ways does your inner child need love? How can you begin to show your inner child love? While this is not a replacement for therapy or a mental health professional, I am passionate about mental health and enjoy helping clients find ways to jumpstart their healing process. Deep diving doesn't make me uncomfortable!

The Crossroads - $25

Stuck between two potential partners? Wondering if you should reach out to that toxic family member, ex friend or lover? Trying to decide if you should leave a relationship or continue putting work into it? Or maybe you're wondering what choosing one career or another would be like? This reading is helpful if you're stuck at a crossroads. Inspired by Hekate, I use the tarot to identify the potential pros and cons of the choices you're struggling to decide between. While the choice is ALWAYS ultimately up to you, I aim to make your decision a little bit easier.

Spirit Guide Messages - $25 (For this, please make sure you know the name of your guide or have someone in particular in mind. This can be a loved one or deity.)

Sometimes we want guidance from our loved ones and trusted advisors on the Otherside. With this reading, I ask your chosen guide or deity to pass messages through me to you, the client, via the tarot. I am not a full developed clairaudient medium, however I do receive clear messages as a clairsentient and claircognizant via tarot and intuition. For this reason, I cannot clearly identify the names of spirits/guides/deities for you, which is why for this reading, you must know the name of the guide you which to receive messages from. If you have a specific question for your guide please let me know in the chat prior to your reading, otherwise I will ask them to tell me whatever it is you need to know most urgently.

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