My Story, Mission, & Vision

My name is Gabrielle. I saw something somewhere that said, "If you were once the weird kid in're now the weird coworker." Being the weird coworker simply wasn't enough for me to aspire to - I had to create my own business so I could forever march to the beat of my own drum!

I was always fascinated by the unusual, strange, and often overlooked aspects of life, especially the occult and paranormal. What began as a curiosity in the unknown quickly evolved into a hunger for knowledge, depth, and authenticity through spirituality and psychology. I began studying and practicing witchcraft around the age of 12, and while there were many moments that my path became scary due to my inexperience with the supernatural and developing clairs (clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience,) I was always drawn back to the nature of who I was meant to be.


When I was around the age of 20 I bought my very first tarot deck. I'll be honest, at first I found appeal in the so called "fortune telling" capabilities I'd heard others my age talking about when describing tarot, but I quickly realized there was so much more to the cards than fortune telling, and in fact, that wasn't what they were meant for at all. It wasn't until several years of the tarot calling me on my own BS later, however, that I realized the cards held so much more for me than entertainment or advice which I more often than not didn't heed enough - they were a tool for manifesting, healing, growing, and overcoming the blockages preventing me from reaching alignment with my highest purpose.

I have always struggled, and sometimes still do, with mental health. Always the black sheep; I grew up in a chaotic and turbulent household, moved constantly, and seemed to experience set back after set back on my path towards finding emotional and physical stability and security. I spent many years of my life so focused on trying to fix others that it took me quite a while to discern that the only way I truly COULD help others heal, was if I first learned how to heal myself and my own ingrained toxic habits, self-limiting beliefs, and behaviors.  Taking accountability for my own mental health, learning to set boundaries, and delving deeply into why I was the way I was perfectly synced up with the lessons the tarot had to offer me. I grew to realize that if I didn't like the way things were, or who I was, I alone had the power to change that...and I did.

I began studying the tarot nonstop, determined to unlock it's secrets and memorize the cards, and in the process my intuition opened up and many doors with it. It became my obsession and biggest passion, and for a few more years, I did readings for myself, friends and family at no charge. I became passionate about therapy, mental health, healing my inner child, and manifesting the abundance and loving relationships in my life I always craved. Eventually I realized this was a gift I needed to share with the world and that others found my gift genuinely helpful and desirable. It took me a while to build the confidence to pursue this trail off the well paved path, but now that I've taken the leap, I never intend on going back! Through my love of tarot I found what I never thought I would - my purpose.

Solar System


My approach to tarot is more akin to a life coach than your average tarot reader. I aspire to help you navigate the chaos and tower moments of life (see what I did there?!) using the tarot as my intuitive guide. Rather than focusing on the "what ifs" I choose to focus on empowering you to make spiritually informed decisions for manifesting your goals, healing, and highest alignment with your purpose.


I make no claims to read the future, as the future lies solely in the hands of YOU, my client. My purpose is not to predict your future, but to help you navigate the present. I combine the lesson's I've learned on my own life journey and personal knowledge of therapy with messages I receive from Spirit through the tarot, to provide alternate solutions and perspectives for you on your journey.

I take what I do extremely seriously and push myself as well as my clients to reach their highest potential. I never sugar coat the messages from the cards for the sake of telling you what you want to hear, either - as I value clear cut honesty and communication above all else. It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be what you NEED to hear!

I am always in the pursuit of knowledge and never cease to continue my studies of the tarot, mental health, psychology, and life coaching skills so I can even better serve my clients.

So tell can I empower you, to empower yourself?



My dream is to bring a different approach to the world of tarot, one involving ethics and transparency. Too often I see tarot readers abusing the lack of knowledge their clients have of divination practices by claiming to read the future, predict pregnancies and legal outcomes, and more. 

I believe tarot should be used as a tool to place the power in the hands of the client. It should never be used to manipulate, predict the future, or mislead a person into thinking they lack the power to create their own desired outcomes.

I work to bring mental health and spirituality together to heal a generation which has been wounded by the unhealed traumas of our parents and grandparents. By identifying harmful cycles and patterns of the past, we can change the present and future! We have more tools accessible to us now than ever before, so why not use them to create a more beautiful and compassionate world?